Ever thought why many people around you like to bounce up and down on the trampolines? Here is why. A best trampolines reviews arguably can be one of the most effective equipments for maintaining fitness. For starters lets us know a little bit about trampolines. You will see that a piece of cloth is stretched over a steel component using coiled springs. This piece of cloth is generally taut which is known to be a strong fabric. All you need to do here is jump on it and enjoy this fulfilled bouncing.

Best Trampolines to buy

The most interesting thing here is the fact that you will not only be happy while doing it but at the same time you will shed those extra calories. It’s a mystery as to why more people have not already joined the trampoline lover’s brigade. One should know that these are used for both competitive sports as well as for general recreation. After all who doesn’t like to bounce a little and return to their childhood? This is the reason we bring to you the different kinds of trampolines that can be found in the market as well as a guide in getting the best trampoline for you.

Benefits of a trampoline

It is true that our lives have become way to busy and most people don’t have time for their families let alone themselves. This is a sport that you can play with your family and at the same time take care of yourself a little, mind that this is something that kids love to do. So without wasting any more time let us look into the various benefits that you will get from merely jumping. You can view the best trampoline for kids or best mini trampoline  here.

Wonderful Metabolism

One thing that has always haunted us is that extra fat that has made our belly look even bigger than it usually is. Trampoline jumping is scientifically known to help people keep their weight down. What happens when you jump here is that the rate of metabolism increases because your body is getting a workout. This helps the nutrients consumed by the person to get distributed throughout their body better, hence resulting in keeping the body weight in check.

The bones

One thing that is being accepted all around the word is the fact that trampoline jumping is actually a stressful exercise. The primary reason for people saying that is because if you look from the perspective of science then every time when you are landing on the cloth, you are exerting twice the force of gravity, this in effect is keeping the bones under slight stress at all times. One might get afraid that this might adversely affect the bones, but as the trampolines soak up the lion share of the impact on landing the bones are never under threat. Instead this exercise helps you to develop stronger bones which will help you fight chronic and painful diseases like osteoporosis and brittle bones. No wonder that even astronauts at NASA are also asked to go through this exercise.

The all important motor skills

Trampoline jumping has been known to help in increasing the motor skills of people who do it. This is another reason why people at NASA undergo this training. Trampoline jumping helps people perform skilful activities even when gravity is not supporting them. No wonder it is becoming a little bit more popular every day.

The mental satisfaction

The interesting thing about trampoline jumping is the fact that it helps you happy both physically and emotionally. Let us talk about the emotional part. This sport makes you happy and positive and at the same time more confident. The reason for this is the fact that when you jump, endorphins which are mood enhancing hormones, are released. Add to that the sheer joy of jumping up and down is more than enough to improve your mental health.

How to choose the right trampoline for yourself?

This is probably the most important question that is needed to be answered and we have just the answer you were looking for. Here is an unadulterated buying guide that will surely come in handy.

Size does matter: this is something that even we believe in. In the trampoline world it is not mandatory that the bigger the trampoline the better it is. It has been found that the smaller trampolines are also known to give better bounce than the bigger ones. Meanwhile the bigger trampolines are known to provide bigger surface area for bouncing. The next point in the size debate is the fact that for whom the trampoline is being bought. If it is bought for adults then you should look for adult trampolines and same goes for the children trampolines too. Another aspect that you must consider is the fact as to how many people do you want fit in the trampoline. If you want to do tricks or put in more people together on the trampoline then always go for the bigger ones.

What’s up top: this is a consideration that you will have to make. This is somehow related to the size of the trampoline but is more about placing it. Always make sure that above the trampoline there isn’t any obstruction of any kind. The reason for this is the fact that you wouldn’t want that elusive branch of the tree to play spoilsport during your fun times.

The safety net: one thing which is agreed upon by every parent is the fact that safety of the participants in the trampoline is a must. This is the reason when you are choosing a trampoline; always look at the safety features of the trampolines. Check out every specification including the net enclosure of the trampoline; also make sure whether you get a spring free or spring trampoline among the other pertinent features.

The shape: another thing that you must check before buying a trampoline is the shape of the trampolines. You will find various types of trampolines in regard to shapes, namely rectangular, oval, round, etc. Here choose a shape that will help you enjoy the whole experience.

Top 10 Best Trampolines to Buy In The Market of 2016

1. Skywalker Trampolines with enclosure & spring pad 15 feet round

Skywalker Trampolines with enclosure & spring pad 15 feet round
One of the most rusted brands in the trampoline industry; it was bound to land on the list of the top trampolines of 2016. The Skywalker Trampolines 15 feet is known for being affordable as well as safe which makes it the top choice if you are on a budget and yet want the best. One of the most important features of the trampoline is the safety enclosure. Skywalker has done a commendable job when it comes to the attachment of the jumping mat with the enclosure. It is observed that for trampolines with enclosures there is always a gap between the bottom of the enclosure and top of the jumping mat, but there is no such gap in this product.

  • It can hold up to 200 pounds which is not a mean feat
  • You will find 6 W shaped legs which are there for proper stability and safety.
  • The frame of the trampoline is made from galvanized steel which is also rust proof.
  • State of the art t-sockets that prevent the frame from twisting.
  • It is affordable and comparatively cheaper than its contemporaries.

2. Skywalker Trampolines Enclosure with Spring Pad 12-Feet Round Trampoline

Skywalker Trampolines Enclosure with Spring Pad 12-Feet Round Trampoline
The next one in the list is once again from the house of Skywalker. For starters, it comes with a rather chic look with proper styling. It is available in colors of red, green, blue and red. It has a carrying capacity of 200 lbs which is pretty much enough for people of ages 6 and above. There are 6 W shaped legs that contribute to the stability of the trampoline and which also imparts the required stability. To add to the list of benefits, the product has a really comfortable padding which comes with UV protection for best results. This trampoline is ideal for jumpers of all ages and sizes with a safety enclosure.

  • The product comes with a stay-put net enclosure that ensures the safety of the jumpers.
  • The galvanized and rust resistant steel frame helps this trampoline last long.
  • There are T sockets present which help in stabilizing the upper enclosure frame. This also prevents twisting while the jumper is in motion.
  • The W shaped legs add stability to the product.

3. Ultega Jumper Trampolines provided with Safety Net

Ultega Jumper Trampolines provided with Safety Net
Another prominent company when it comes to trampolines, Ultega didn’t fail to impress us here as well. This product can hold up to 200 pound jumpers with ease. Ultega is fully aware that trampoline jumping is not just restricted to small children but also to adults and therefore they made it even stronger than before.  To add to the safety quotient, this product comes with a safety net which. What is even more attractive for the jumper is that it has a better and higher spring count. This feature will make the heart of any jumper jump even higher with joy. The stability of the trampoline is taken care of by the L shaped legs of the product. To make the whole experience even safer, you will find that Ultega Jumper Trampolines have 8 padded poles in the netted enclosure.

  • 88 springs are used to attach the frame with the mat.
  • The legs of the trampolines are L shaped which makes sure that the product doesn’t trip over.
  • The trampoline has a galvanized steel frame which makes the product stronger.

4. Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline

Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline
This is another exciting product here made from vinyl. This imparts the idea of structural strength and stability with its concrete build. The trampoline legs are made from strong and rust resistant galvanized iron steel. This means you can go long with this product, without having to worry about it getting rusted. The T section construction helps it remain stable. This contributes to the superior build of the product. The W shaped legs are another aspect to focus on here. These ensure that there are 8 contact points with the ground and thus there will never be any worry for the Pure Fun trampoline tripling over. This product also ensures you a very deep and exciting bounce that will attract people from all ages. This safe, comfortable and interesting product is indeed a great buy.

  • Made from vinyl, this product is stable, safe and comfortable.
  • The W shaped legs make the product more stable, keeping it firmly placed on the ground.
  • It has passed all the ASTM safety requirements and thus you can trust it blindly.
  • The 14 feet trampoline is easy to assemble and you do not need any extra tools.
  • The limited 2 years warranty adds to the benefits.

5. Super Round Trampoline Pad Only

Super Round Trampoline Pad Only
This trampoline pad fits all the trampolines which are 12 feet in size. It is a high quality pad. It looks classy and gives a good performance. Strong build, sturdy and stable, this pad can indeed be a trampoline jumper’s delight. It is 10 inches wide. This is easy to attach without too much hassles. There is a double rubber tie that keeps the product tightly attached. The trampoline pad comes with 310g PVC on top, 130g PE on bottom and 1/2-inch foam.

  • The pad is shock absorbent and that is one of the reasons why it is a popular choice for trampoline sets.
  • The high density foam will give the required stability.
  • The pad will not absorb any water and it won’t lose its shape.
  • The safety is ensured by the double rubber ties.
  • The product comes in colors of blue and green.

6. Skywalker Trampolines 17 ft. with Safety Enclosure Oval Trampoline

Skywalker Trampolines 17 ft. with Safety Enclosure Oval Trampoline
Skywalker presents yet another entry in to the list of the top trampolines for 2016. This piece of safe and comfortable trampoline apparatus will be the perfect choice for all trampoline enthusiasts and you can take our word for it. This is an oval trampoline that gives a great base for jumping and bouncing. It comes with a safety enclosure that ensures that the jumpers, especially the kids, do not face any problems on this board. The safety enclosure is made from high quality polyethylene with UV protection. The 16 gauge galvanized steel frame is responsible for maintaining the safety of the jumpers. Blue, purple, green and red are some of the most popular color choices for this Skywalker trampoline.

  • This is a 17 feet trampoline with a safety enclosure.
  • The product is strong and resistant to all weather conditions.
  • The jumping mat receives adequate support from the 96 rust resistant springs.
  • It is ideal for kids who are aged above 6 years.
  • Meeting the current ASTM safety measures, this trampoline is safe in its way.

7. Springfree® 10ft Medium Round Trampoline - R79 With FlexrHoop and FlexrStep

Springfree® 10ft Medium Round Trampoline - R79 With FlexrHoop and FlexrStep
This is yet another really amazing and stylish looking trampoline. This is claimed to be the world’s safest trampoline. It is perfectly safe for all jumpers. Whether you an amateur, trying your hand at trampoline jumping or you are a pro, having had done this for years, this product is perfect for you. The steel frames are tough and durable. The galvanized steel is the root cause for this strength. It allows you to use this product for a long time at a stretch. It comes with a structural load capacity of 1100 pounds. This trampoline is also resistant to weather conditions and you have the liberty to keep it outside for days and nothing will happen to it.

  • This is designed for soft bounce sessions. This is ideal for medium sized yards.
  • There is no risky springs present in the trampoline. Plus, there is a safety enclosure. This makes this durable product a safe one.
  • This Springfree 10 feet trampoline is weather resistance.

8. Skywalker Trampoline with Safety Enclosure 8-Feet Round

Skywalker Trampoline with Safety Enclosure 8-Feet Round
Talk about safety and this will turn out to be one of the best of 2016 in the world. The safety enclosure here is indeed very remarkable. It makes a connection to the frame at every leg with the help of T sockets. This ensures the safety of the product. Also, with this arrangement, the trampoline doesn’t get twisted while a jumper bounces on it. The button hole feature is one of the best attractions in this product. There are no gaps between the enclosure net and the jump mat and that is what eliminates all kinds of risks. The 8 feet trampoline can easily take up loads of 175 pounds.

  • This trampoline offers superior bounce giving every trampoline lover a great experience.
  • The safety enclosure is pretty tightly wound around the trampoline jump net, keeping the people safe.
  • The rust resistant springs make it easier for you to maintain the trampoline for a long time.
  • The dimensions of the product are 8 ft. x 8 ft. x 6.5 ft.
  • It is coated with padded soft foam.

9. Skywalker 15-Feet Rectangle with Enclosure Trampoline

Skywalker 15-Feet Rectangle with Enclosure Trampoline
Skywalker brings to you yet another product from the top trampoline list of 2016. It comes with a very stylish design that is very user friendly. Design is not the only sophisticated aspect of this product. Let us talk about the safety of the product which is one of the most useful criteria for considering a trampoline. It comes with a safety enclosure that is attached to the jump mat with the help of T sockets which ensures the safety of the product. The weather resistance is also another aspect to be considered here. The materials are strong and durable. The galvanized steel frame is responsible for this. This allows you to take the trampoline outside and helps you in outdoor advantage.

  • The UV resistant materials are very useful in making this product a durable one.
  • The button hole feature and the V ring are useful aspects of this.
  • This is a rectangular trampoline which provides you with very high lifts.
  • The dimensions of the trampoline are 22 x 7 x 53 inches.
  • The springs on the jump mats are safe and durable.

10. Skywalker Oval Trampoline and Enclosure 17-Feet with Wind Stakes

Skywalker Oval Trampoline and Enclosure 17-Feet with Wind Stakes
This is the last entry into the list of the trampolines of 2016 and undoubtedly one of the best in the market. It comes with a strong, sturdy and durable steel frame that gives a whole different bouncing experience. One of the primary reasons responsible for this sturdy body of the trampoline is the galvanized steel body. It imparts the necessary strength. Along with the T sockets, you can be ensured of a trampoline that does not get twisted every time you use it. The enclosure net gets attached with the jump mats with the help of V rings. It is designed with the best and the most advanced technology and this is evident in the product.

  • The spring pad is 1 inch in size made from thick foam padding.
  • The UV protection of the material is also an attractive feature.
  • The polyethylene material of the jump mat is necessary for the durability of the product.
  • The trampoline includes a set of 4 galvanized steel wind stakes.


Trampolines have some great benefits on the body. It gets rid of some physical ailments and also liberates the mind, keeping you in a good mood always. We have tried to provide you with the best trampoline reviews of 2016 so that you get the best for you. We have tried to highlight the most pertinent of information that might help you to take your decision.

You must keep in mind the material, the safety features and the durability of the product before making a choice. We have laid out the trampolines of your dreams, choose the best for yourself and take the leap of joy.
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